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5 Quick Ways To Jumpstart Hair Growth

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

By: Rha-Kera Barney-Sutton

There are a lot of reasons your hair may not be growing, but 5 quick ways that you can get your hair growing are:


Drink the proper amount of water (Typical Recommendation: Drink half your body weight in ounces)


Get your ends trimmed on a regular basis. Want to know how often you should be getting trimmed? Click here:


Eat a healthy diet. Eating as healthy as possible can give your hair a great foundation to grow healthy! If you want more information on eating healthy for healthy hair, click here:


Sleep in a silk scarf or bonnet every night! This helps protect your ends and maintain moisture.


Use a professional brand of shampoo and conditioner that works great for your hair! If you don’t know which products are best for you, visit your hair professional and ask them what they recommend; they’ll have the best information because they will have a relationship with your hair!

P.S. Get some Ki-Ki Oil to help reboot those hair follicles:

*P.P.S. Make sure you're using oils that are

NON-PORE CLOGGING (Non-Comedogenic),

Need more hair education?

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