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10 Quick Ways To Reduce Shedding

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

1. Always comb/brush your hair from the ends and work your way up to the scalp.

  • Combing from the scalp to the ends pulls the hair out from the scalp. Starting at the ends and working your way up to the scalp will help you detangle the hair and allow you to gently comb the hair.

2. Massage your scalp for at least 1 minute everyday.

  • Massing helps stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp and will, most times, help with hair growth.

3. Try to stay away from tension hair styles like, tight ponytails, tight braids, etc.

  • Consistently wearing tension hair styles can cause unnecessary fragility to the hair. Your hair needs time breathe, recoupe, and restore itself! Without giving your hair a break in-between tension styles you'll cause harm to your hair follicle.

4. Be careful of your shampoo and conditioner, try to use professional brands or natural brands

  • Non- Professional shampoos and conditioners are typically mass produced and will sometimes contain ingredients and detergents that are harmful to healthy hair.

5. Drink plenty of water, if possible.

  • The recommended amount of water is to drink half your body weight in ounces.

Ex. If you weight 100 lbs, drink 50 ounces of water per day.

6. Eat as healthy as possible. Lack of proper vitamins and nutrients can cause extreme shedding and hair loss.

  • Try to concentrate on Biotin rich foods, those can be found here

7. Take a look at the medications you’re on, some of those can cause hair to shed or fall out

  • Need an example of some common medications and their side effects, click here!

8. Stay as stress free as possible!

  • Extreme stress can cause not only hair shedding but also dry/brittle hair and breakage.

9. Keep that hair moisturized!!

  • Rosewater to balance pH of hair and scalp

  • Moisturizing Conditioner

  • Moisturizing Styling Products

  • Non-Alcohol Products

10. TRIMS!!!

  • Be sure you're on a healthy trim schedule. Need to know what that is? Click here!

Bonus Tip:

Protect your hair while you sleep

  • Keeping you ends protected at night will help reduce the risk of dry and split ends. It also help the hair retain moisture. Want to know more detailed information about protecting your hair at night? Click Here

Stay away from tension hair styles

  • Constantly pulling the hair into tight styles will weaken the hair follicles and will cause extreme shedding

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