What is Ki-Ki Oil™ and how can I get more information?

Ki-Ki Oil™ is a vegan/ non-comedogenic proprietary blend of Jojoba Seed Oil and Grapeseed Oil and other natural oils, designed to stimulate and regenerate hair follicles to produce growth, increase thickness from the root, maintain moisture and tame dandruff! See more about Ki-Ki Oil™ here: thehairhotline.com/kikioil

Should I color my own hair?

We never recommend you color your own hair! We will always recommend you se a professional stylist for professional and predictable results. But if you do decide to color your hair on your own, then use our chat feature so we can help guide you as much as possible to get a great result!

Does The Hair Hotline™ really answer hair questions for free?

Yes, we answer all your hair questions for free! All questions are answered by a licensed hair professional, mostly by our owner, Rha-Kera, a licensed Cosmetology Instructor.

How often should I be getting my ends trimmed?

That answer depends on what you and you stylist have discussed, but click here for our general guide, https://www.thehairhotline.com/trims.

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