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Whether you're a licensed professional or just simply have hair questions, we'll help you, for FREE!! We also sell hair-based items, including Ki-Ki Oil, shampoos, conditioners, oils, and more.  We educate you through tips, blogs, videos and more. The Hair Hotline was created by Rha-Kera, a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor in the state of IL. She has been licensed for over 14 years.  She is the manufacturer and formulator of Ki-Ki Oil & Yuri Oil.


There are so many false advertisements about miracle hair solutions and tons of commercials offering products that are reported to fix hair problems AND DON'T. We will always give you real information, no photoshop on results, and honest answers!! Please keep checking back for more exciting products, articles, videos, and more!



Questions about hair care, hairstyles, hair color, and hair problems can be answered here. You will also find hair tips, hair products, and, hair accessories!

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