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Licensed cosmetology instructor
BA MArketing


1. How do you pronounce your name? And do you have a nickname?

• My name is Rha-Kera, it's pronounced, similar to Shakira with an R! Yes, I have a nickname but you can call me Rha-Kera! ;-)


2. What is your favorite thing to do with hair?

• (When most people ask this they are wondering if I like to cut or color hair best) I like to do everything, cutting, coloring styling, etc.


3. How long has The Hair Hotline™ been around?

• I started The Hair Hotline in 2009!


4. What are some random facts about you?

• I love cop shows...The First 48, Alaska Pd (new one), Law and Order, etc.


5. How long have you been in the hair industry?

• Unprofessionally: Since I can remember. I have always loved doing hair and even taught myself how to braid when I was about 8 or 9!

Professionally: Since 2006 when I started beauty school and licensed since 2007!

Rha-Kera Barney-Sutton

Hairstylist professional, Rha-Kera Barney-Sutton was born with a comb in her hand.  As a child, she spent hours teaching herself to braid and styling the hair of her dolls. Now fast forward, Rha-Kera is living her dream as she is now a licensed cosmetology instructor and a BA in Marketing with over 15 years of professional hair care and cosmetology experience, together with 8 years of beauty-related management experience, she is at the top of her field. For years, she worked at one of the top beauty schools in Illinois and moved up the ladder rapidly.  Rha-Kera then transitioned into managing a spa in one of the region's premier health and wellness centers where she oversaw a wide-range of hair and beauty services for spa clients. Currently, Rha-Kera is the sole proprietor of Ki-Ki Oil™, managing her father’s health food store, New Life Health Foods on the West side of Chicago. With an intense passion and drive for hair, hair care and hair restoration services, Rha-Kera created The Hair Hotline™ (, a blog and online retail store created to provide women and men with access to products and hair care advice from professionals.

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