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Your Night Routine, Just Got Better

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

We've got what your night routine had been missing!

A healthy pillowcase and scarf combination!!

It's no secret that here at The Hair Hotline we're all about keeping your hair healthy!!! So we just upgraded your night routine with our... (insert drumroll)


For about 2 years we've been working to source and test the right fabric to bring your hair game to the next level!! No matter the hair type (Curls, Straight, Wavy, and Anything In-Between), you should be protecting your hair at night.

Protecting your hair means a lot & your hair will thank you! Benefits of protecting your hair with our pillowcases and scarves at night:

- Maintains moisture balance (hair and skin) & Keeps cuticle layer protected

- Fewer unnecessary trims (keeps the ends of your hair protected at night)

- Helps maintain styles from day to day (Controls frizz)

- Keeps hair from breaking at night

- Eliminates tangles (in otherwise healthy hair)

Pillowcase Specifically:

- Stops pores from drying out and clogging, which helps with skin completion

- Keeps away fine lines and wrinkles (because it maintains your hair & skin's moisture)

Our Pillowcases and Scarves are made with Satin Charmeuse, which is one of the closest fabrics to silk. It is easier to clean, has a shinier finish, and will still give your hair great benefits!


- The Scarf is 37"x37" to ensure it fits all heads and hair densities! (1" longer than a yard.)

- The Pillowcase is a Queen case size (20"x30")

With our high quality satin, you'll get almost all the benefits of silk without the high price of silk! (Difference: Silk is hypo-allergenic and can semi-regulate head/skin temperatures.). Our Satin Charmeuse is woven with silk, soft, and durable.

"How do I know if I should get the

pillowcase, the scarf, or both?"

Which Should I Choose?
Pillowcase & Scarf Chart

The pillowcases and scarves are ready to be shipped!!

We have several colors available! (Pink, Black, Orange, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and More!!)


Just Click & Add To Your Cart!

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