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Trim Schedule

Do you know the difference between a trim and a cut?

A trim is when you need to only cut off less than a 1/2 inch of hair.  anything more than a 1/2 inch is considered a hair cut!

The more often you get your ends trimmed, the less you'll need to get cut off!  Don't Skip Trim Day!

4-6 Weeks
6-8 Weeks
8-10 weeks; possibly 8-12 weeks

Short Hair:
Medium Length:
Long Hair (past shoulders):

Here is your guide!!


Doesn’t matter your hair texture (curly, straight, wavy), talk to your stylist about what time frame will work for your hair!


BUT no matter what, you need a plan if you’re growing your hair!

Side Note: If your hair is curly, the best way to get your ends trimmed is to have it done while your hair is straight.  This will allow your stylist to cut the hair evenly.  (Curly hair can sometimes play tricks on the eyes, especially if you have more than one curl pattern in your hair.)

If you never plan to wear your hair straight or do not want to have your hair straightened, then talk your stylist about cutting your hair damp!

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