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Comedogenic Oils & Non-Comedogenic

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

At The Hair Hotline™ you know we try to keep you as informed as possible! One of the questions I get about Ki-Ki Oil™ (purchase and learn more here) is, "What is Non-Comedogenic mean?"

A Non-Comedogenic product, referring to oils, face washes, soaps, etc., means that item is non-pore clogging. It will not cause your pores to build up with oils, will allow your skin and pores to breathe, and will not cause any inflammation from blockage. Even with continual use, you will not notice any redness or sensitivity.

A Comedogenic product, referring to oils, face washes, soaps, etc., will clog your pores, especially with continually use. You will notice a sensitivity in the area you apply the item, inflammation, redness, breakouts, etc.

May 9th, I recorded a quick video talking about Comedogenic vs. Non-Comedogenic oils! I even gave some quick examples of Comedogenic and Non-Comedogenic oils. Watch below: (After you watch, make sure you check out our list of comedogenic and non comedogenic oils directly below.)


Comedogenic Oils

Non-Comedogenic Oils

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