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Staying Safe In The Salon/Barber Shop...As You Feel Comfortable

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

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Although some salons have been open for a while, there are some of us that don't feel completely safe going into the salon environment quite yet, and that's ok...BUT on the flip side, a hair professional is NEEDED!! LOL (No shade, but it may be true!)

Some of us have been avoiding our hair and not taking care of it like we should for various reasons, but hair is fragile and needs TLC!! It's time to practice "self-care" and get back on a healthy hair regime!

Now I've got some good news and bad news, the bad news, is your hair may be in worse condition than you thought BUT the good news is, working with your hair professional and coming up with a healthy hair schedule and regime will get you right back on track!

The following is a guide to give you some ideas of what to ask; what to look out for; and how you can keep yourself safe as you begin going back into the salon!

Asking about PPE equipment IS OK!!

*Most places still have mask mandates in place, but you can ask if

masks are required (for staff and clients), especially since the CDC

has released a statement recently about vaccinated people "not

needing" masks. I would suggest always wearing masks in public;

salons are enclosed spaces and some do not have proper

ventilation. Being cautious can keep you more safe than not.

*You can ask if they provide masks; especially since when getting

your hair done, your mask may get wet, get color on it, etc.

*You can also ask about partitions and spacers between other

stylists and clients!

Asking about their sanitizing practices IS OK!!

*Ask your hair professional if they are required to sanitize after

each client. This will help you know if you need to bring your own

sanitizing items.

*Ask you hair professional if all people are required to wash and/or

sanitize their hands upon entering. That means, the hair

professional washes and/or sanitizes in-between customers and

you will sanitize upon entering the salon. (If this is not a

requirement, IT IS OK, to ask your hair professional to do so prior to

working on you. Washing hands and implements prior to working

on a new client is taught and has been taught in most beauty

schools prior to Covid!)

Asking about the client limit (persons allowed in the salon), IS OK!!

*Being in an enclosed space can be uncomfortable for some and

can cause some angst even. Ask your hair professional if they have

a limit on persons allowed in the salon! You can make a decision

on whether you want to be around that many people!

*Please don't feel ashamed or allow someone to shame you

because you want to keep yourself and those around you safe!

Asking these questions not only keeps you safe, but also keeps

your family and those around you safe!

If you feel sick, reschedule or cancel your appointment as soon as possible! But also be sure you know the cancellation and rescheduling policy for your hair professional.

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