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Top Things To Look For When Picking a New Stylist

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

By: Rha-Kera Barney-Sutton

What do you do when you are in the market for someone? One of the most important relationships a woman can have is the one of her and her hairstylist. For several reasons, you may find yourself in a position that you are looking for a new one.

Here are the top 6 things you should look for in that new soul mate:

The stylist is easy to talk to

As a client, you want to feel comfortable with the person you are going to share your mane with. This person is going to be part of your life (if you are hardcore about your hair) and be responsible for your additional beauty feature! If you don’t feel the comfort level needed for this relationship, keep looking.


Your first appointment should be like an interview

Even if you are not asking a lot of questions, they should be asking you a ton! They should be asking you about the products you are using, what your at-home maintenance is, how often you get your hair cut colored, permed, etc.

Communication is key and comes with a full consultation!! If they are not asking you questions, how could they help you maintain what they are doing to your hair each time? How are you going to keep your hair healthy after each visit? This communication will allow you to see if your stylist is concerned with the health of your hair.


Is the work area and salon clean?

You shouldn’t be looking for their station to be in tip-top shape and shining bright like a diamond, unless you are the first person they are taking for the day. Throughout the day your stylist is going to be busy and not going to be able to have the same station set up as they did when they first began the day BUT there should not be too much clutter, too many dirty combs and brushes, etc.

A dirty station may indicate their work item like combs and brushes have not been properly maintained. Also, a less than neat waiting area and bathroom are signals of poor sanitary practices throughout the salon!


The wait should be minimal

You want to make sure that your new stylist is considerate of you time. Your time is precious and she/he should treat it that way!! They should give you the time you need in order to get a quality service, but also give themselves enough time to service their other clients.


Get a referral from someone you trust

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!! If they come recommended to you, then you can ask them questions about that hairstylist and how they care for their clients!

Are the clients leaving the chair with smiles on their faces and a fabulous hair do? Are they leaving looking like they are ready to walk the runway? If not, then you may want to run!


They are using high quality products, brushes, flat irons, etc

You and your hair stylist should NOT be shopping in the same place to get items for your hair. Most over the counter products do not have the same quality of ingredients that your professional brands have. Products and tools that can be bought from your local superstore should not be on the counter and used in your hair EVER!! You should be doing your hair shopping with your hairstylist, they can always get you the professional brands and ensure that those brands are pure, not watered down.

If they are using those things they are not concerned with the health of your hair!

When you are in the market for a new stylist, follow this handy list. It can help you find someone suited for your hair and appearance.

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