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"Scalp Renew" Oil Blend

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THH’s Scalp Renew Blend

helps revive your scalp with the soothing properties of organic argan oil to relax and soften the sensitive skin of your scalp; almond oil to maintain your scalp’s moisture; rosemary to get that blood circulating; and topping it off with lavender oil for a relaxing finish!


1 ounce

Almond Oil

10 drops

Argan Oil, Organic

5 drops

Rosemary Oil

5 drops

Lavender Oil



Combine All Ingredients In Your THH DIY Mixing Set And Apply To Scalp 


Massage Into Scalp For 45- 60 Seconds. And Process For 15-20 Minutes.


Rinse And Cleanse Hair As Normal

Rosewater will help balance out your scalp's pH, enhance your mood, help control dandruff and more!!

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