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Metal Touch Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Metal Touch Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser


• Extremely quiet

• Easy to clean

• Just add tap water and essential oils

• Cool steam

• No heat involved/no risk of burns

• Automatically shuts off

• BPA-free

• Great for home or office

• 1 year warranty

• Run life of 5000+ hours

• Rotating LED lights

• Runs up to 7 hours continuously


NOW® Solutions new Metal Touch Ultrasonic Diffuser is a sleek and contemporary diffuser that complements almost any décor and makes a healthy alternative to scented candles and aerosol air fresheners. This attractive unit has rotating LED lights, runs up to seven hours continuously, and has a total run life of 5,000+ hours.


Not all metals are sustainable. Now uses Tin for our diffusers – a reusable and recyclable material that in itself is made of at least 25%-100% recycled metal. This highly sustainable metal can be processed and returned to the production cycle without any loss of quality.