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Wood Betony Herb c/s, 1/4 lb

Wood Betony Herb c/s, 1/4 lb


Wood betony is a tall, flowering perennial in the mint family commonly found in open meadows and pastures in western Asia, North Africa and most of Europe. At one time, it was so highly valued by Italian herbalists that advice to “sell your coat and buy betony” was often heard, and in Spain it was a complement of the highest order to be described as “he has as many virtues as betony.”

Wood betony, also called bishop's wort, is a grass-like perennial herb that produces a tall stalk of purple flowers.

Historically, wood betony was planted in church cemeteries to deter ghosts and tucked under pillows to prevent nightmares. Today, the dried herb is used to make teas and tinctures. Wood betony is also used to make a strong infusion for use as natural mouthwash and gargle.


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