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Senna Pods Whole, 1/4 lb

Senna Pods Whole, 1/4 lb


Senna is the name for a genus of plants in bean family that contains more than 300 different species. Alexandrian Senna is an attractive species that occurs naturally in the Nubian region of Egypt and is cultivated in India, Somalia and Sudan. The leaves and seed pods of the plant contain a variety of glycosides that are collectively referred to as sennosides. These compounds are known to produce laxative effects. In fact, in the U.S., senna is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a non-prescription laxative. Although both pods and leaves are traditionally used to produce teas, tisanes and tonics to counter constipation, preparations made from the pods are gentler.

Senna pods are the fruits of a shrubby Mediterranean plant known by several common names, including Alexandrian senna, Khartoum senna, and Tinnevelly senna.

The pod, which is actually a legume, is sometimes used in cooking in its native region. Elsewhere, whole senna pods are typically used to produce, teas, infusions and tonics.


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