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Rose Hips (Seedless), 1/4 lb

Rose Hips (Seedless), 1/4 lb


Rose hips, technically known as haws, are the immature fruits of the common rose bush. Like rose petals, rose hips are a popular ingredient in tea blends and in potpourri mixes. Whole rose hips can also be made into a tart but sweet jam, either alone or in combination with elderberry or other botanicals. Powdered rosehips are used to make various topical preparations, as well as natural body powders and other cosmetics. See also rose (buds).

Rose hips are the fruit of the common dog rose, also known as Dogberry and Witches' Briar. Our seedless rose hips are imported from Chile and offer a convenient way to enjoy the sweet flavor of rose “haws” without encumbrance of the tiny seeds.

Use them in baked goods, jams, jelly, pie and pastries, tea blends and other beverages.


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