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Peppermint Leaf Powder, 1/4 lb

Peppermint Leaf Powder, 1/4 lb


Peppermint is a member of the mint family that is widely distributed throughout Europe, North America and just about everywhere else. It is not a standard, naturally-occurring mint, however, but a cross hybrid between spearmint and watermint that escaped cultivation at some point. Nonetheless, the herb possesses all the aromatic and culinary virtues of its botanical parents. The dried leaf is commonly found in tea blends as well as herbal seasoning mixes. Dried peppermint is also used to produce infusions and infused oils for use in cosmetics. The powdered herb is encapsulated as a dietary supplement and also used to make natural dental preparations, such as herbal tooth powders.

Peppermint leaf powder comes from a variety of mint hybridized between two other species of mint.

The powdered herb is used to make tinctures and extracts for use in dental products, such as mouthwashes and tooth powders. It is also used in ointments, salves and various cosmetics.


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