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Oregano (Mexican) c/s, 1/4 lb

Oregano (Mexican) c/s, 1/4 lb


Oregano is a perennial member of the mint family that is native to the Mediterranean region, as well as South America, Asia and Europe. The herb is widely used in Indian, Moroccan, Spanish, Mexican, Italian and Greek cuisines. Although oregano is generally thought of in most of the world as the standard pizza sauce seasoning, the flavor profile of the herb varies depending on species. The oregano featured so prominently in Italian cooking is actually Greek oregano, which is also cultivated in Italy and Egypt. Mexican oregano, on the other hand, which is native to Mexico, Central and South America, lends a milder and slightly lemony flavor to foods.

Mexican oregano is not quite as pungent as Greek oregano and has a mild lemony-anise undertone in flavor.

Using the powdered herb make it easy to add the distinctive flavor of Mexican oregano to your favorite Latin American and Tex-Mex dishes. You can also combine it with cracked pepper, sea salt and other ground herbs and spices to rub on meats before roasting or grilling.


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