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Gymnema Powder 1/4 lb

Gymnema Powder 1/4 lb


that is also known as cow plant, periploca of the woods and miracle fruit. The leaves of the plant contain a group of 20 or more glycosides called gymnemic acids, which act as sweetness inhibitors. In other words, chewing the leaf temporarily prevents sugar receptors on the tongue from the ability to detect sweetness, an effect that can last anywhere from a few minutes to up to two hours. Because it is not yet understood how this herb affects insulin and blood glucose levels, you should consult your physician before using it if you have diabetes.

Gymnema is a rainforest plant native to India also known as "Destroyer of Sugar," a reference to its historical use in traditional Indian and Chinese preparations to manage insulin levels.

The powdered leaf is encapsulated or made into a tea or infusion. Consult a physician before using gymnema if you have diabetes or take hypoglycemic medications.


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