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Cumin Seed Whole, 1/4 lb

Cumin Seed Whole, 1/4 lb


Cumin seed is harvested from a flowering plant in the caraway family that is native to India and the Mediterranean. Cumin has an ancient history, evidenced by its mention in the writings of Hippocrates and its reference in the Bible as a tithing herb, along with mint and anise. Today, cumin seed and powdered cumin is a staple in African, Mediterranean, Indian and Asian cuisines. Like caraway, cumin seed can also be used in baking and to make a mild tea.

Cumin is an annual member of the parsley family that is native to the Mediterranean. The seed of the plant, which is harvested by hand, is a staple in traditional cuisines of the region as much today as it was in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Use whole cumin seed to add earthy flavor to soups, stews, chili, breads and cheese.


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