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Burdock Leaf c/s, 1/4 lb

Burdock Leaf c/s, 1/4 lb


Burdock is a member of the daisy and sunflower family, although its appearance immediately indicates its place in the thistle group of plants. Attractive and sturdy, burdock is most likely to be found on the roadside and other undisturbed places. The “dock” portion of its name speaks to the large, downy leaves of the plant, which are used fresh to make poultices or harvested and dried to make bitter teas and tonics. While the entire plant contains antioxidant compounds such as quercetin and inulin, they are concentrated in burdock roots collected from first year plants. Dried and powdered burdock root are used to prepare topical skin formulations as well as teas and tinctures.

Burdock is a member of the aster family that is native to and naturalized throughout North America. Although it considered a nuisance weed by many, the dried leaves of the plant contain quercetin and other antioxidants. The dried leaf is encapsulated or used to prepare teas and tinctures.


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